[erlang-questions] Something like csh "source" command in Erlang shell?

Lars-Åke Fredlund <>
Thu Jul 8 16:14:38 CEST 2010

On 07/08/2010 02:11 PM, Attila Rajmund Nohl wrote:
> 2010/7/8, Michael Turner<>:
>> Is there some way to read in a bunch of Erlang shell commands as if they'd
>> been typed in?  I'm thinking of something like the "source" command in csh.
> file:eval/1 isn't what you want?
Does file:eval really permit executing normal shell commands?
That is, reading record definitions using rr("record.hrl") for instance?

I too would be very happy to have a source command functionality for the 

Preferably the "source command" would be a normal function rather than a 
shell command so that one could automatically read in a number of 
definitions when Erlang starts without typing anything.

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