Possible leak in inets httpc.

Andrey Popp <>
Thu Jul 8 11:57:46 CEST 2010


I have application that makes huge number of HTTP requests with httpc
and I have spotted that `httpc_manager__handler_db` ETS table growing
in size and doesn't clean up. That is the example records from this
table (ets:i(httpc_manager__handler_db)):

<1   > {handler_info,#Ref<>,undefined,<0.177.0>,undefined,operational}
<2   > {handler_info,#Ref<>,undefined,<0.3075.0>,undefined,operational}
<3   > {handler_info,#Ref<>,undefined,<0.5755.0>,undefined,operational}
<4   > {handler_info,#Ref<>,undefined,<0.6943.0>,undefined,operational}
<5   > {handler_info,#Ref<>,undefined,<0.8305.0>,undefined,operational}

and processes with handler pids are no longer alive. Also, note that I
have no timeout setting in my http:request HTTPOptions, but I think
inets should not leak even in that case.


Andrey Popp

phone: +7 911 740 24 91

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