[erlang-questions] Trying to change things

黃耀賢 (Yau-Hsien Huang) <>
Sun Jul 4 17:04:37 CEST 2010

2010/7/4 João Henrique Freitas <>

> I am working on a place wich uses the CHILL language programming to
> develop a huge telecom system. We use others languages too like C and
> C++. But CHILL is the largest code base.
> I staring to learning Erlang about six months ago and in the last
> three months I spent a lot of energies trying persuade developers to
> change from CHILL/C/C++ to Erlang.
> But is hard change things. Anybody have some experience with these
> situation?
> My boss question me about 'Who is using Erlang?' and I am trying to
> found some in my country (Brazil).
> Now I can't waiting more and start a internal project to interfacing
> with CHILL/C/C++ old base and Erlang.
It a cultural and religious problems. And it's not easy to vanquish all
of other languages. They used CHILL, C, and C++. Do you know about
how much they used them and enjoyed benefits of them? And how long
have you been in the firm is another factor.

If you have to replace original things with others, you have to give
with more benefits than the older one. You must give something that they
can try and done.

I'm in Taiwan, and there's no Erlang jobs and cases here. I'm seeking
opportunities for showing and promoting Erlang. Writing a book may be
a way. In my firm, unfortunately, they immersed in Microsoft solutions.
It's not bad, but it seems no way left for Erlang. :$

And I'm figuring which kind of application may be a start for Erlang.
Web development solutions? I'm not sure.

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