Trying to change things

João Henrique Freitas <>
Sun Jul 4 02:02:25 CEST 2010


I am working on a place wich uses the CHILL language programming to
develop a huge telecom system. We use others languages too like C and
C++. But CHILL is the largest code base.

I staring to learning Erlang about six months ago and in the last
three months I spent a lot of energies trying persuade developers to
change from CHILL/C/C++ to Erlang.

But is hard change things. Anybody have some experience with these situation?

My boss question me about 'Who is using Erlang?' and I am trying to
found some in my country (Brazil).

Now I can't waiting more and start a internal project to interfacing
with CHILL/C/C++ old base and Erlang.


João Henrique Freitas -

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