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Magnus Henoch <>
Mon Feb 1 13:53:53 CET 2010

Dmitry Belayev <> writes:

> Hi, I have parametrized module(mymodule, [Param1, ..., ParamN]).
> I want to send this module with parameters somewhere where it's
> function will be called like this ThatModule:do_smth().
> How can I get _this_ module with all parameters? I don't like to
> create new values like tuple by hands or use mymodule:new(Param1, ...,
> ParamN).

There is a magic variable called THIS:


See section 4 of .

> And another question. Can I write my own new method?

Yes, see slide 5 of
(which shows inheritance at the same time).  Basically, write something

-module(mymodule, [A, B]).


new(X, Y, Z) ->
  instance(X, Y+Z).

I.e., export a 'new' function with any arity, which calls the 'instance'
function with the actual arity of your module.

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