[erlang-questions] Parsing custom HTTP headers with inet, [{active, false},{packet, http_bin}, ...]

Tony Rogvall <>
Sun Aug 29 11:06:53 CEST 2010

On 29 aug 2010, at 02.02, zabrane Mikael wrote:

>> The small test program I used worked fine:
> Could you share it please?

It was in the message a bit below ;-)
Check again.

>> BTW The reason you get mixed cases on some (size <= 20) header names is because the packet parser
>> normalize the input to the "normal" case usage (as in Content-Length). The header names
>> are case insensitive anyway, so you must handle it.
> Is there a way to tell the packet parser to not normalize anything?
Nope. But as I said you must (normally) handle it. So there is really no point in adding
that options (I think).



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