[erlang-questions] Re: how hard is it to rewrite code in a .beam file?

Matthias Lang <>
Sat Aug 28 09:58:16 CEST 2010

Kostis wrote:

> The {f,L} args denote labels -- possibly where to go upon failure.
> The {u,N} args denote unsigned integers N.

Ah, ok. I had a working transform yesterday, and that gets me closer
to understanding why it works:

    case beam_opcodes:opname(Opcode) of
	{m_plus, Arity = 4} ->
	    io:fwrite("rewriting mplus instruction\n"),
	    {[Function, S1, S2, Dest], Leftover} = decode_n_args(Arity, [], Rest),
	    New_opcode = beam_opcodes:opcode(gc_bif2, 6),
	    Live = {{u,1}, 16},
	    Bif =  {{u,0}, 0},
	    New_args = [Function, Live, Bif, S1, S2, Dest],
	    New_bytes = lists:flatten([New_opcode|args_to_ops(New_args)]),
	    io:fwrite("rewritten mplus assembles to ~p\n", [New_bytes]),
	    [{New_bytes, gc_bif2, args_to_syms(New_args)}|disasm(Leftover)];

There's another avenue I should take a look at: R11 (and, probably, R12) can
load those R10 files, I should check what those releases do with the m_plus

Thanks for the tips.


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