ssh application leaks processes(?)

Stefan Grundmann <>
Wed Aug 25 21:23:43 CEST 2010

while using the ssh-2.0 application  i encountered the following problem:

The ssh_system_sup  supervisor (created via ssh:daemon/1,2,3) has as children 
the ssh_acceptor_sup supervisor and for every connected client an 
ssh_subsystem_sup supervisor. When a client connection  is closed one would 
expect that all processes in the supervision tree of this connection die - 
which is not the case: the ssh_subsystem_sup process and one child 
(ssh_channel_sup) stay alive.   

The reason  for this behavior is that the child specs of the ssh_channel_sup 
and ssh_connection_sup in lib/ssh-2.0/src/ssh_subsystem_sup,erl (line 75 and 
line 88) define a 'transient' Restart and while  the subtree supervised by 
ssh_connection_sup as well as the ssh_connection_sup process itself terminates 
on connection close, the ssh_channel_sup process does not. Which leaves 2 
processes alive that won't be of any further use.

If the Restart is changed to 'permanent'  the problem goes away. 

Since  lib/ssh-2.0/src/ssh_subsystem_sup,erl contains (line 76 and line 89)  
commented out code that sets Restart to permanent; i would like to know what 
the reason for a transient Restart might be. 

best regards
Stefan Grundmann 

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