[erlang-questions] io_lib and unicode post processing?

Tim Watson <>
Mon Aug 23 20:52:50 CEST 2010

How do you "pass it on" to webmachine - REST call over HTTP, rpc (distributed Erlang), raw socket call? 

On 23 Aug 2010, at 19:46, Musumeci, Antonio S wrote:

> It's not the generation of the JSON. I've tested that and it makes up only a small portion of the overhead. It's most of it is after I hand it off to webmachine. Even if I create a large binary and pass it along it does the same.
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>> I've got a webmachine/mochiweb setup and it seems much slower/higher CPU than I expected. I'm creating JSON for 10k records using jsonerl and sending on to webmachine. After the serializing of the data the CPU is still pegged and I see in etop io_lib and unicode being called. Does anyone know why those would be called? It takes several seconds.
> Surely they're getting called a lot during serialisation. Haven't used jsonerl before but what kind of output is getting produced - strings, iolists, binaries? Does it not offer a streaming API so you can forward the data as multipart/chunked? There are some useful profiling tools available with OTP and there's a good library that'll allow you use them on production systems without incurring dangerous overhead - eper. You'll find it on google code IIRC. I've been using a newer json library called jsx recently (http://github.com/talentdeficit/jsx) and find it performs really well, although I haven't load tested it so don't know if it's production worthy.  
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