Erlang Factory Lite in LA Nov. 13th: Looking for Conference room

Francesco Cesarini <>
Mon Aug 23 20:42:12 CEST 2010

  Hi Everyone,

Together with Matt Sacks from we are in the early 
planning stages for an Erlang Factory Lite in Los Angeles. We hope to 
turn this in to a reoccurring half day event which will be free of 
charge (or very cheap) for attendees. We are looking to attract not only 
members of the Erlang community, but also other communities interested 
in learning more about Erlang and networking with Erlangers.

To keep it free, we hope someone can help with a venue that accommodates 
between 50 - 100 people. If your company has a meeting room we can use 
free of charge or you have a friend who has a spare conference room in a 
bar, let us know. We have options, but if possible, would prefer not to 
charge, no matter how small the sum.

We are also looking for speakers. Quite a few speakers in LA have 
already expressed interest, but I am sure there are many more out there. 
If interested, please contact Jodie. Once we have the premises, we will 
be launching a page on the Erlang Factory website.

Date wise, we have set the tentative date to Saturday November the 13th. 
Our choice of date coincides with Ulf Wiger being in town. We are aware 
it is close to the Erlang User Conference, but we do not expect the 
attendees to overlap; the events will complement more than compete with 
each other. For those hard core delegates who want to attend both 
events, catching a flight on Sunday will get you to Stockholm on time, 
including a few hours to recover from Jet Lag before the Stockholm walk 
and pub crawl Monday afternoon.

Looking forward to your feedback, but most importantly, help with a venue.


Erlang Solutions Ltd.

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