[erlang-questions] Let's start a project for a (MMO-)Game in Erlang... (inspired by "Erlang: Who uses it for games?")

Robert Raschke <>
Mon Aug 23 12:14:57 CEST 2010

On Mon, Aug 23, 2010 at 10:32 AM, Joe Armstrong <> wrote:

> I like the idea of an MMO-game infrastructure in Erlang - I think to
> do this we need to make
> a highly modular architecture with pluggable components. If these talk
> through pure socket
> based message passing it should be relatively easy to scale the thing.
> This seems to be a question of packaging and identifying the components.
> The key components for a game seem to be graphics/sound/windows part
> of the problem
> this is an area where Erlang is traditionally weak. The
> massive/communication/database/security part is an area where Erlang
> is traditionally strong.
On the communication and synchronisation front, it may be useful to have a
look and the Croquet Tea Time concept of keeping a distributed world in
synch ( http://www.opencroquet.org/index.php/TeaTime_Architecture , and for
a bigger architectural view
http://www.opencroquet.org/index.php/System_Overview ).

There's a fabulous short summary of the concept here:

This looks like an easy framework to adopt in an Erlang setting.


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