Generic xml traversal.

Brian Lonsdorf <>
Thu Aug 19 19:04:58 CEST 2010

I apologize if this is a repost for some, I think I posted it in some old buried thread by accident yesterday.

Hi everyone!  I'm very excited to be starting my erlang journey, but I've been stuck on this for a few days now.

I'm trying to create key, value pair tuples out of xml.  I'd like to make a list out of nested xml too.  For instance:
		<name>The Name!</name>

Should turn out like:

[{"name", "The Name!"}, {"reviews", [{"review-by", "WE"}, {"review-points", 92}], {"review-by", "WS"}, {"review-points", 90}]} ]

Where Item is my main node that i want to get lists of.

I've admittedly cargo culted and tweaked the code below.  It only returns a list of the first Item's elements.  And I'm not sure how to begin the nested ones.

Thanks so much!



parse(FileName) ->
	{Records,_} = xmerl_scan:file(FileName),
	extract(Records, []).
extract(Record, Acc) when is_record(Record, xmlElement) ->
	case of
		'Item' ->
		 	ItemData = lists:foldl(fun extract/2, [], Record#xmlElement.content),
		 	[ {item, ItemData} | Acc ];
		_ ->
			lists:foldl(fun extract/2, Acc, Record#xmlElement.content)
extract({xmlText, [{Attribute, _}, {'Item', 2}, _], _, _, Value, text}, Acc) ->
	[{Attribute, Value}|Acc];
extract(_, Acc) ->


I've also seen this done with list comprehension.  It's beautiful, but i can't get it to nest:

parse(FileName) ->
    {#xmlElement{content=Item}, _} = xmerl_scan:file(FileName),
    [{Tag, Val} ||
        #xmlElement{content=Query} <- Item,
        #xmlElement{content=Fields} <- Query,
        #xmlText{parents=[{Tag, _} | _], value=Val} <- Fields].

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