Supervisor with better restart strategies?

Anthony Molinaro <>
Wed Aug 18 23:40:14 CEST 2010


  I've got a system which connects to another system.  I'd like a pool
of connections to that other system.  I have something which works using
a supervisor and pg2, however, the only restart strategy available in
the supervisor doesn't play well with the back end service going down.
I'd like some sort of supervisor which allows you to specify the number
of attempted restarts with some backoff between tries (in other words
instead of specifying {one_for_one, 10, 10} (which basically happens
instantaneously when the backend is offline) I'd prefer something like
{one_for_one, 10, 10, 100} (which would mean restart 10 times with 10
second sleep up to 100 seconds total, or something like that).
Is there something like this already out there somewhere?



Anthony Molinaro                           <>

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