[erlang-questions] Faster ets:lookups

Scott Lystig Fritchie <>
Mon Aug 16 17:02:13 CEST 2010

tom kelly <> wrote:

tk> [...] I assume this was
tk> considered but not accepted by OTP, anyone know the reasons?  

Tom, the R9 days predate Ericsson's workflow with GitHub.  I hadn't
cleaned up that work so that Ericsson could even consider it if they'd
wanted to.  In the intervening years there hasn't been any movement
(that I'm aware of) to create a clean/pluggable interface to ETS for
3rd-party libraries.  So the Judy stuff has languished.

I haven't had the spare cycles to create a driver- or NIF-based
interface for the Judy/JudyL/JudySL APIs.  I can't recall if anyone else
has done so, but it's still Monday morning, and things are still a bit
hazy.  :-)


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