[erlang-questions] ct_telnet example

Peter Andersson <>
Tue Aug 3 16:04:46 CEST 2010

Hi Luc,

I could prepare an example for you, but before I do, did you already
read these parts of the documentation?


The ftp example in the config file chapter shows how you set up an ftp
connection, and you would do it in a very similar way with telnet. The
only "trick" is that with ct_telnet:open/3/4 you may specify the name of
a callback module that helps ct_telnet with login and detecting prompts.
The default callback module is unix_telnet, which is provided with
Common Test. If you need to connect to a telnet host on a different
system than unix/linux, you can modify the regexp-patterns in
unix_telnet and pass the name of your modified module to ct_telnet:open
for opening the connection. This is really the only thing that is
handled differently compared to e.g. ct_ftp and ct_ssh. Tip: To test
if/how it works, you can start Common Test in interactive mode (run_test
-shell) and call each function from the shell prompt.


Ericsson AB, Erlang/OTP

Luc Evers wrote:
>    Hi,
>   I'm looking for an example using the ct_telnet module.
>   Thanks!
>    Luc.

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