[erlang-questions] idea: function meta data

Geoff Cant <>
Tue Aug 3 05:42:26 CEST 2010

"Richard O'Keefe" <> writes:

>>> then in the shell
>>> help(Module, func).
> That should be something like help(Module, Name, Arity)
> and there's not the least reason why that couldn't be
> driven off EDoc.

It would be wonderful to get some kind of function documentation
available from the erlang shell -- the information from edoc or possibly
even better, type specs would be a good way to start.

If the data for type specs is retained in the debug_info for a module
somewhere, then it's probably not a huge effort to print out the one for
the function in question if the shell is trying to tab complete an
already complete function name.

Geoff Cant

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