epmd: error in accept

tsuraan <>
Mon Aug 2 20:40:47 CEST 2010

I have a system where we have multiple erlang processes running
different programs.  It looks like somehow a race is happening where
two epmds are started at about the same time; one of them becomes a
happy and functional epmd, while the other one loops eternally
printing "epmd: error in accept" to syslog, which rapidly fills up the
file system where /var/log lives.  Looking at the epmd_srv.c file, it
doesn't look like an error on the listensock can ever cause epmd to
abort, which seems like a bit of a bug.  If it helps for debugging, on
the system where I currently am seeing this, the functional epmd has
pid 5202, while the one constants looping on its error printout has
pid 5203.  They must have been started at almost the same time, which
may be be a rare event in general.

If I can provide any more useful information, I'd be happy to.

Erlang R13B4, amd64, not sure what else is useful to know.

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