Chicago Boss 0.3 is available

Evan Miller <>
Thu Apr 29 08:39:07 CEST 2010


Chicago Boss is an Erlang MVC that tries to mimic the best of Ruby on Rails
and Python's Django. I've put together the first beta release tonight, which
you can download here:

(Version 0.1 sounds wimpy so I skipped straight to 0.3.) To celebrate, I
wrote a semi-epic beginner's guide that takes you through everything from
installing a Tokyo Tyrant database to implementing a log-in system with
Chicago Boss. The guide is called "An Evening With Chicago Boss":

Finally I've set up a mailing list for the project on Google groups. If you
act fast, you can be the second member! Direct any Boss-related questions

Erlang technologies included with Boss:
    * ErlyDTL
    * Etcher
    * SimpleBridge
    * Mochiweb
    * Medici
    * Lots of Boss-only magic :-)



Evan Miller

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