determining a socket's file descriptor integer value

Jacob Vorreuter <>
Wed Apr 28 05:29:49 CEST 2010

When a socket is opened is it possible to get any information about its file descriptor?

I have an Erlang proxy server that accepts incoming HTTP connections, determines an appropriate backend server, opens a socket to that server and then proxies the HTTP request and response data between the backend server socket and the accepted client socket.  I'm curious if I can accept the client socket in Erlang and then pass it to a NIF along with the ip and port of the backend server and do the actual proxying of data in C.  Is that crazy talk?  If I could determine the integer value of the client socket file descriptor that would be enough information to read and write from/to that socket in the C code, right?

The Erlang socket is a tcp_inet port driver from what I can tell.  Is there some way to query it for the information I'm looking for?


Jacob Vorreuter

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