Parameterized module idioms

Tim Fletcher <>
Wed Apr 21 12:09:30 CEST 2010

> I would rather focus on chapter 6 in that paper because that is what
> will happen when people think that this is "the Erlang way".
> Doom and destruction is coming with this :P

Agreed, I think it's a feature that's very likely to be over-used.

My previous two questions were a bit devil's advocate-esque. They lead
to: what use cases are parameterized modules really intended for
(i.e., things that are impossible/awkward to do otherwise), and do the
benefits of supporting these use cases outweigh the costs/
disadvantages of adding this feature to the language?

I don't think the use case in that paper is sufficient to introduce
the feature on its own, considering the costs. The use case that
Richard O'Keefe describes previously makes sense, but needs concrete


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