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John Hughes john.hughes@REDACTED
Tue Apr 20 02:26:10 CEST 2010

We've actually just written a paper about asynchronous testing, based on 
testing ejabberd (where the message delivery events are asynchronous). The 
paper talks about how to analyze a recorded trace, without falling into the 
twin traps of complex code or expensive analysis. I've put a copy online at


if you're interested. (The paper will be published at AST 2010 in Cape Town 
in May).


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>> Anyone have general strategies or advice for testing code that makes
>> heavy use of gen_server:cast? The best I could come up with was to
>> write _sync versions of all my functions, with gen_server:cast
>> replaced by gen_server:call, and then test those, but that seems both
>> clunky and fragile.
> How about using a "test spy" process to collect a trace of the cast
> messages and then make assertions against the resulting trace?
> Tim
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