Announcing Zotonic 0.4.0

Arjan Scherpenisse <>
Mon Apr 19 18:10:10 CEST 2010

Dear Erlang and Zotonic enthusiasts,

We're pleased to announced the next version of Zotonic, release 0.4.0.
After 3 months of new features and fixing bugs, the time was there to
create a new "stable" release.

As usual, download the source code from google code:

More information about Zotonic on its website:

Have fun!
The Zotonic team.

Release 0.4.0, released on 2010-04-19

* New modules:
** mod_pubsub
   Enables resource sharing over XMPP's PubSub; share content between
   sites and get realtime updates when content changes. See:

** mod_search_solr
   Added a module which plugs into Zotonic's search system to support
   Solr ( Using Solr enables quick
   fulltext searching and facetting.

* New features:
** Default site improvements
   The default site of a vanilla Zotonic install has been improved
   with nicer graphics, cleaner typography, a "contact form"
   example and styles for the Twitter module.

** "More results" scomp
   A twitter/facebook style ajaxified "read more" pager, which is a
   button which will fetch more results for the current search
   question inline on the same page.

** Windows support
   Initial support for building and running Zotonic on the Windows platform.

** Database schema support
   Multiple sites running inside one Postgres database is now possible
   thanks to Postgres' support for multiple table namespaces (schema's)

** Template expressions
   It is now possible to use full boolean and arithmetic expressions in
the ErlyDTL templates.

** Webserver IPv6 support
** Yandex.Video support in mod_video_embed module (#52)
** PID-file for zotonic (#74)
** Support for HTML5 audio/video tags in TinyMCE editor (#75)
** Newer TinyMCE 3.3.2 release from upstream (#69)
** Newer Mochiweb r153 release from upstream

* Bugfixes:

** page_path controller should not redirect to the default_page_url (#6)
** Get the name of the current dispatch rule (#21)
** zotonic fails after postgresql restart (#49)
** Unreliable pivot? (#50)
** Module manager should feedback when module cannot be started. (#51)
** Do not depend on the 'default' site (#59)
** i18n of scomp_pager (#62)
** Buttons and "Logoff" link problems in Chrome (#63)
** Comment form breaks on new default site (#64)
** Getting an unknown_rsc error on startup (#66)
** Zotonic fails to (re)start if an existing admin panel is open with
browser supporting WebSockets (#70)
** Can't save location without e-mail (#71)
** Improve the default styles to include list bullets/numbers (#72)
** Twitter module cannot be enabled (#76)

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