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Evans, Matthew <>
Mon Apr 19 16:52:01 CEST 2010

Someone posted this a few weeks ago:

> For anyone who hasn't found it, there's a great little utility (on 
> Linux, at least) called 'rlwrap' which gives you the full readline 
> feature set on any command line system (like, say, the erlang shell).  
> I simply have 'erl' aliased to 'rlwrap -a erl'.  It gives you 
> everything provided by this patch as well as as a searchable history 
> (just like you get in bash with Ctrl-r).

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Subject: [erlang-questions] shell-questions

I have two questions about the erlang shell:

1) Is there any way to make the history persistent between sessions?
2) Is there any way to enable emacs-style backwards search in the command
history using CTRL-R?

Thanks in advance,

Jesper Pettersson
Klarna AB

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