code:clash/0 borking when running eunit tests with rebar

Jeremy Raymond <>
Fri Apr 16 15:31:55 CEST 2010


I have a project with some eunit tests which run fine if I run them
through the erl console. I'm now attempting to run them with rebar.
One of my dependency applications (couchbeam) does a call to
code:clash/0 which is dying with the following error message when I
run $ rebar eunit

=INFO REPORT==== 16-Apr-2010::09:24:16 ===
    application: couchbeam
    exited: {bad_return,

I can reproduce this without couchbeam as well by just calling
code:clash() directly in my eunit test:

*** context setup failed ***
  in function code:filter/3
    called as filter(".beam",".eunit",error)
  in call from code:build/1
  in call from code:clash/0
  in call from cdb_data_tests:setup/0

Any ideas as to what may be going on here (or how I might debug this



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