why syntax error

Wes James <>
Wed Apr 14 19:44:10 CEST 2010

I am trying to debug some yaws data.  yaws uses out(A)-> ..... to send
data back to the browser.  I did an io:format of "A" to use it in just
an .erl file.  The "A" data looks like this:


So I have

start() ->

but when I do c(module) I get: Syntax error before Port.  If I change
#Port<0.2808> to undefined then do c(module) again then I get syntax
error before: '<'.  So I change <0.1112.0> to undefined and now it
compiles fine.  Why doesn't #Port<0.2808> and <0.1112.0> pass the
compile stage?



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