[erlang-questions] Re: ssl and {active, once} - bug?

Roberto Ostinelli <>
Mon Apr 12 12:46:21 CEST 2010

2010/4/12 Ingela Andin <>:
> Hi!
> Actually it is the new ssl implementation that has driven the http
> packet support to become a supported feature in the inet driver. I
> think the reason it does proably not work with the old ssl is that it
> was never a supported feature when some one still actively cared about
> that implementation. We are currently working hard at making the new
> ssl implementation complete enough to be able to phase out the old
> one.
> Regards Ingela Erlang/OTP Team, Ericsson AB

hi ingela,

thank you for your anwser. tony did give a working suggestion [code
here below], can this be a viable solution meanwhile, or do you have a
better way to implement this?

also, do you happen to know minimum erlang version which allows the
implementation here below?

2010/4/12 Tony Rogvall <>:
> But if you call crypto:start add the option {ssl_imp, new} the code will work :-)


here's the code for others' reference, now working.



start(Port) ->
	Options = [
		binary, {packet, http}, {reuseaddr, true}, {active, false},
		{backlog, 128}, {ssl_imp, new},
		{certfile, "/Users/roberto/Code/sslbug/server.pem"},
		{keyfile, "/Users/roberto/Code/sslbug/privkey.pem"},
		{password, "roberto"}
	{ok, ListenSocket} = ssl:listen(Port, Options),
	{ok, Sock} = ssl:transport_accept(ListenSocket),
	ok = ssl:ssl_accept(Sock),
	ControllerPid = spawn(fun() ->
			set -> ok
	ok = ssl:controlling_process(Sock, ControllerPid),
	ControllerPid ! set.
controller_loop(Sock) ->
	ssl:setopts(Sock, [{active, once}]),
		_Any ->
			io:format("ok, received ~p~n", [_Any])


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