[erlang-questions] Re: Complex gproc queries

Ulf Wiger <>
Sun Apr 4 14:05:50 CEST 2010

Steve Davis wrote:
> Interesting and useful discussion -- thanks to you both --
> Now I'm "on board" with the ideas, the functionality that gproc 
> provides appears stunningly practical and useful... and, because of 
> this, I'm left somewhat bemused as to why it hasn't already been 
> absorbed into the otp platform.
> Does anyone know/have a comment on this? Is it something to do with a
>  back-compat issue with the gen_* patches it requires?

I guess much of that falls on my shoulders.

First of all, though, gproc requires no patches to OTP.
In my workshop paper, I wanted to illustrate how things could look
if gproc were to be included early in the boot process, and used
by the OTP behaviours. Doing so also forced me to mess with gen_leader,
since Distributed Erlang was not yet started.

In retrospect, while it made for a good demo, it seems to have
confused matters rather than clarify them.

I also ended up patching the wrong version of gen_leader, so for a
long time, the global part of gproc was simply broken. From what
I can tell, this has now been satisfactorily resolved.

I had also intended to write an EEP proposing inclusion of gproc
into OTP. I haven't done so, largely because I haven't had time.

For the OTP team, there is also the question whether to incorporate
gproc as-is, or whether to extend the existing process registry
to include some of the key features in gproc.

Ulf W
Ulf Wiger
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