simple_one_for_one being unjustly supervised?

Essien Essien <>
Sun Apr 4 12:28:23 CEST 2010

Hi all,

Maybe I'm missing something pretty obvious, but I'm noticing that the
children of a simple_one_for_one supervisor are being killed off
without honoring their "shutdown" interval, when they're taken down by
a top-level application. Everything work fine if I sent an
exit(SupPid, shutdown) to the top-level supervisor PID though.

I have attached a contrived example application called "boss"...

The application callback and top-level supervisor behaviours are
implemented in the same module.

The boss supervisor is a one_for_one supervisor which supervises a
"nanny", "manage" and "delay" modules.

"nanny" is a simple_one_for_one supervisor which supervises "children"
(a gen_server).

"manage" is a gen_server which spins up the children by calling
nanny:start_child when it starts up. The number of children is read
from the file.

"delay" is a gen_server which just delays for a configurable amount of
time before shutting down.

"children" is a simple gen_server which delays for 5 seconds before
shutting down.

>From my tests in an erl session, if i do:

1 > {ok, Pid} = boss:start_link([8, 5000]). %these arguments mean, 8
children, 5 seconds delay for the delay gen_server

And then:

2 > exit(Pid, shutdown).

Everything happens nicely. I see _all_ my logging messages which
suggests that things cleaned up nice and sweet.

But if I do:

3 > application:start(boss).
4 > application:stop(boss).

ONLY the "delay" module cleans up nicely... I never get to see the
logs from the "children" instances... which means the tree just kills
them off very fast.

Is this a known behaviour? Am I missing something critical?

Any wisdoms will be much appreciated.

Also, I tried peeking at the code for supervisor.erl (went all the way
to do_terminate/2 and shutdown/2) and nothing looks amiss, the code
for application_controller.erl would take a bit more than a cursory
glance to trace through all that is happening, so I wanted to ask here
first, before going any further.

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