Multiple versions of Megaco via the Megaco lib?

Gardell, Steven <>
Sun Apr 4 02:41:09 CEST 2010

I am trying to build an application that works at V3. Like, I imagine,
others I am starting with simple_mgc.
My first confusion is how to properly deal with the mix of V1 (service
and V3 (everything else) messages. The Megaco library defines several
sets of
hrl files for different versions. What is the recommended way to
structure things
so I am using the V1 record definitions when I need to and the V3
The following works (when referencing megaco_message_v3.hrl), but it
seems evil:
 case ProtocolVersion of
        1 ->
        3 ->
        #'ServiceChangeParm'{serviceChangeAddress = Address,
             serviceChangeVersion = Version,
             serviceChangeProfile = Profile} = SCP
(I could simply just use the items in the "1" case since they are the
from V1 to V3) I tried various approaches to directly referencing the V1
record definition
to no avail.
Secondly, I am seeing complaints from megaco_filter which sorta suggest
it is not accounting for the megaco version. How do I configure
for the version of interest?


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