how to clear a hot mnesia table

Brian Acton <>
Fri Apr 2 02:12:32 CEST 2010

Hi guys,

I am running R13B04 SMP on FreeBSD 7.3

I have a very large table (i.e. 5.98M records covering 1.66GB) in Mnesia
that I need to clear out. Unfortunately, the transaction volume is
reasonably high and the servers are 24/7 servers.

I'd like to clear out the table without experiencing any downtime.

I know about mnesia:clear_table. However, I am concerned that since this
requires transactional semantics that mnesia will succeed on one node but
basically bring down the rest of the nodes as transactions pile up waiting
on some form of table lock.

Is there a clean and simple way to empty out the table in a less risky
fashion ?


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