FYI: Rewriting Playdar: C++ to Erlang, massive savings

Angel Alvarez clist@REDACTED
Thu Oct 22 20:17:34 CEST 2009

Another erlang success history...

interesting fact is people misses having a tiny erlang distributable.

I think erlang is more than de VM alone, 
what's the size of a comparable java setup (including OTP-like functionality)?

another problems arises from the concept of having one erlang setup for each package we install on the system.

"...Packaging an Erlang app for the desktop involves taking the installed VM directory structure 
and stripping out all the docs, source and parts of the Erlang stdlib we don’t use, then packaging 
it along with the compiled Playdar code. CouchDB does something like this too, and RabbitMQ 
ships the Erlang VM without stripping unneeded libs..."

Well, erlang installs should detect prior erlang installations and boot from those setups without duplicating
erlang dists whenever oyu install a new erlang app.

Fortunaley (IMHO) these guys think the same after all:

"...We’ll put together a Windows installer soon that’ll probably be around the same size. A 10MB download 
isn’t so bad nowadays, and I expect we can optimize the packaging process some more. Linux users will get 
a package that depends on the erlang VM in their package manager. Seems like shipping Erlang apps to the 
desktop isn’t so hard after all."

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