[erlang-questions] YAWS with SSL Connections Problem

Tomas Abrahamsson tomas.abrahamsson@REDACTED
Tue Oct 20 11:11:37 CEST 2009

> Hi Tomas,

> Thank you for your response. But with the enoproxysocket error, will
> it cause a buildup of these IDLE 'connections' that we're seeing on
> the box?

It could be. Does the number of connections in IDLE match
the number of enoproxysocket errors (approximately)?

In a server situation, such as for Yaws, for each incoming
SSL-connection to ssl_esock, the Erlang-side will open
another (plaintext) connection to the ssl_esock (over the
loopback interface).

So shortly after an incoming SSL-connect, the ssl_esock will
use up two file descriptors, one for the SSL-connection and
one for the plaintext connection from the Erlang side. Then
if there's an enoproxysocket error, I guess that after a
while, the client will grow tired of waiting and disconnect,
so then there'll be only the plaintext connection left.

> Is there any other solution perhaps that we can try?

I guess your main options are to either try to make yaws use
the new ssl (and check whether the new ssl works well for
you -- the documentation for new_ssl mentions "alpha
version"), or to move away from Solaris 10 (I guess the same
goes for Solaris 11, but I haven't tested, so I don't know).


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