process leak in http:post

prasantha kumara jlprasantha@REDACTED
Mon Oct 19 08:27:15 CEST 2009

hi all ,
i am witing an application using erlang, there i am using  http:post()
there it seems there is process leak there when i get he infomation about
the process by using bt(PID) it gives following infomation

0xb4e54870 Return addr 0xb4cd9d10 (xml_message_deliverer:sendRequest/2 + 44)
y(0)     Catch 0xb4cd9bec (xml_message_deliverer:sendRequest/3 + 1980)
y(1)     []
y(2)     []
y(3)     2

can any body help me to resolve this issue

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