Sending messages between erlang nodes (across firewall boundary)

Yogish Baliga yogishb@REDACTED
Wed Oct 14 04:38:01 CEST 2009

Hello all,

  I am working on setting up the Erlang nodes across multiple data centers. I do not want to send the data across the data centers in clear text. 

  Within the data centers, I did a simple setup for 2  Erlang nodes on 2 physical boxes. Captured the tcp traffic while sending the messages between these 2 nodes. Raw TCP packets do not show the text being sent in clear text. Is it because by default the messages are encrypted using the cookie or something? Do I need to specify the proto_dist as inet_ssl in order to setup the Erlang node grid across data center?

  Ideally I don't want to setup the SSL communication between nodes. If that is what is absolutely required in-order to make sure that the communication is encrypted, I will do that.

-- baliga
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