SCTP PPID change

Ahmed Ali ahmed.nawras@REDACTED
Wed Oct 14 01:09:33 CEST 2009


I'm experminting with SCTP support in Erlang. I'm using Solaris 10
with Erlang R13B02. SCTP support is enabled during compiling Erlang.

I'm having problem with changing ppid to 3 (M3UA). The first thing I
did is to add sctp_default_send_param in gen_sctp:connect/4. However,
I got the error below. I've tried to used gen_sctp:send/3 instead of
send/4 as below but I get exactly the same error. I also tried to
troubleshoot the issue and found out the error is generated from
module prim_inet.erl in erts code. My guess is that type_value/3
function checks that the values of the supplied #sctp_sndrcvinfo{} are
valid but appearntly, something is not correct in #sctp_sndrcvinfo{}
record I'm sending.

Without setting PPID, everything works and I could see traffic is sent
and received correctly. Any help is appreciated.

gen_sctp:send(S, #sctp_sndrcvinfo{stream=Stream,
                                      ppid=3}, Data)


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