[erlang-questions] Passing Filehandles Between Processes

Davide Marquês nesrait@REDACTED
Thu Oct 8 23:31:48 CEST 2009

Hi there,

I did some tests a while ago trying out various read combinations.
Testing showed that:
 - files opened in raw mode get binded to the opening process and that
process is the only one that can read/write from it - read attempts by other
processes will block (although you can always route the read requests
through the process that opened the file);
 - files opened in non-raw mode can be access by other processes without any
 - finally, *the process that opened the file must be alive for read/write
operations to succeed*.

This last one seems like a good argument against trying to read/write
outside of the "file owner" process.

I'm attaching the code I used for testing in case someone is interested.

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