Network communications fails with R13B02-1 on OS X

Yuriy Pasichnyk yuriy.pasichnyk@REDACTED
Fri Oct 2 11:31:26 CEST 2009

Hi Dave,

I had the same issue recently on Mac OS (cannot check right now
what version of OTP it was) and it was caused by
-name / -sname (Mac OS handles hostnames differently than Linux).

Hope it help,


> Yesterday I upgraded to otp_13B02-1 from R12-5 on OS X 10.5.8. I
> notice today that any form of network communication between nodes
> seems to fail. Trying to start slaves on the same host (which I was
> able to do before the upgrade) fails with an {error,timeout}.  Even
> doing a simple 'net:ping(node1@REDACTED)' on the same host between two
> nodes fails with a pang.   I can run the same exact tests on Ubuntu
> with R13B02-1 and they pass with flying colors.  Has anyone else
> noticed this problem on OS X?  Any ideas what the problem may be?
> Thanks!
> Dave

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