[erlang-questions] WOOPER 0.3 released, for OOP with Erlang

Olivier Boudeville olivier.boudeville@REDACTED
Tue Mar 31 22:11:54 CEST 2009


A new version (0.3) of WOOPER (Wrapper for OOP in Erlang) has just been

It should be more convenient to develop with, and more robust.
The WOOPER documentation has also experienced a major update.

WOOPER is an open source lightweight layer on top of the Erlang language
offering constructs dedicated to Object-Oriented Programming, including
classes, instances, methods (requests or oneways), life-cycle management
(new/new_link/delete), multiple inheritance, polymorphism, state
management, etc.

All documentation, sources and full examples are available at

Any constructive feedback would be appreciated!

Best regards,

Olivier Boudeville.

PS: I had to post the message again, previous one apparently did not
reach the list after 5 days.

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