[erlang-questions] Debugging timeout on slave:start_link?

Allen McPherson mcpherson@REDACTED
Tue Mar 31 16:56:47 CEST 2009

Built R13A on two Linux nodes (using different
version of gcc). Both installed in same location.
My start_link fails with timeout from one node to
the other (but not the reverse direction). Manual
says it could be cookies (they are the same), file
system (just where Erlang is installed?), or
installation (it's installed). Also rolled back to
R12B-5. Same problem.

Can anyone provide hints on debugging this?
Looks like an erl_crash.dump file is getting
generated but, for reasons to obscure to explain,
I can't use a web browser to get at these systems.
Any other way to detect the cause of the failure?


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