[erlang-questions] open project ideas (was Standard modern salary for an Erlang programmer?)

jm jeffm@REDACTED
Fri Mar 27 02:58:43 CET 2009

I've been thinking for the we should keep a public list of project that 
we would be interested in seeing done in Erlang.

Some examples I've been thinking of,

* wiki
* ticketing system similar to request tracker (aka rt)
* anti spam tools. Can never have enough good anti-spam tools these days.
* a module for handling configuration files and reloading them. I was 
going to ask about this in a seperate email as I keep stumbling at this 
point was wondering how others handle this.
* Tool for intergration with sysv init.d script, debian and redhat 
package building and management, in short tools to integrate with the OS 
more fully
* continuing the last point: interface to sytem calls. eg, my own 
erlang_inotify, or a port/module for iptables. just imagine being about 
to point to a home gateways/routers and  being able to say you wrote 
some of the code that runs on that.
* protocol implementations
* secure messaging for Erlang messages
* hardened Erlang (wonder what this would look like).
* anything mentioned about 5 times that no-one ever seem to get around 
to doing :-)

There are many others. Now most of these aren't something to build a 
start-up around, but these will develope your erlang skills and build 
your reputation as a reliable and serious Erlang developer which in turn 
will help you land the next erlang job you see and command a higher 
salary. It will also help Erlangs wider adoption.

One final point: if you publish a clean API to some of these project, eg 
the CMS and ticketing system, it would then be a trival matter for the 
person or team deploying to seemlessly integrate two or more project as 
subsystems to a larger system even if these subsystem run on different 
nodes. To continue the CMS/ticketing integration example, if your 
company had a policy policy to review any wiki edits you could trigger 
the creation of a ticket fro the task with out going via some other 
system which is not well suited to the task, eg email.


Yves S. Garret wrote:
> This seems like a silly suggestion, but why not roll your own
> business? Facebook with Yaws? A proprietary middle-ware library for
> IPC?
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