[erlang-questions] Standard modern salary for an Erlang programmer?

Andras Georgy Bekes bekesa@REDACTED
Thu Mar 26 12:22:47 CET 2009

> >> What's a standard, good average salary for the Erlang programmer
> >> with a few years of experience, based in USA?
> >> Java is 70-90k,
> >
> > Wow.  That's about double what I make as a university lecturer.
> Are you sure about that calculation? That would mean a lecturer
> in NZ makes just a little more than a Swedish graduate student,
> which seems... weird.
And that means that a Swedish graduate student makes 1.5-2 times more 
than a software developer at a big company (like Ericsson) in Hungary, 
and 2-4 times more than a Hungarian university lecturer.

Oh, and these numbers are gross, and the net salary you have in Hungary 
is ~ 50% of your gross.

Of course, the above ratios are results of very imprecise 
approximations. We're talking about the "more than" the "about half" 
of "70-90k" USD, but still, the NZ university lecturer's salary is 

There are huge differences between countries, and you can not compare 
salaries because the living costs are also way different.

If you also compare the salaries in India or China or other countries in 
Asia to Sweden or the US, you can easily find 10x differences or more.


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