[erlang-questions] On Joe's micro-lightweight-unit-testing

Angel clist@REDACTED
Wed Mar 25 12:52:08 CET 2009

Hi list

Im very new to erlang, just still astonished about erlang and all, you guys, say here

Still im trying every day going deeper and deeper on erlang and functional programing.

Got recently very please reading Joe's introcction to TTD and Unit test on erlang


some where in the article Joe says..

step 4) Add unit tests for fastfib

test/0 looks like this:

test() ->
0 = fib(0),
1 = fib(1),
1 = fib(2),
6765 = fib(20),
0 = fastfib(0),
1 = fastfib(1),
1 = fastfib(2),
2 = fastfib(3),
K = fib(25),
K = fastfib(25),

Here I check that fastfib returns the same value as fib with the lines
  K = fib(25),
K = fastfib(25).

But K=fib(25) binds K to the value fib(25) so, K= fastbib(25) must be wrong 
as K was previously bound to fib(25) ¿isnt it?

so, What im missing here ?


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