[erlang-questions] Hang making https request

Ferenc Holzhauser ferenc.holzhauser@REDACTED
Wed Mar 18 11:26:53 CET 2009

Hi Rob,

I fully agree with you. I'd also consider this behaviour as a bug in the
http client.

btw: thanks for the trace option tip.


2009/3/18 Rob Charlton <rob.charlton@REDACTED>

> Hi Ferenc,
> Thanks, yes, I managed to work it out in the end after doing this:
> http:set_options([{verbose, trace}]).
> ...then guessing the meaning of the messages in the trace, but it took a
> long time to get to that point, especially as the hang I was experiencing
> first showed itself as a hang in yaws_soap_lib. I was also thrown because it
> all "just worked" in R11.
> My main purpose of posting this was to ask if there could be some error
> printed under these circumstances, rather than the call just blocking.
> http:request causes some error to be printed if inets isn't started, so why
> shouldn't an https request cause some error to be printed if ssl isn't
> started? I couldn't find anything on this in the inets user guide nor in the
> http module reference page. A one line example in the http reference showing
> http:request("https://..") needing an ssl:start() would have done just as
> well.
> Many thanks,
> Rob
> Ferenc Holzhauser wrote:
>> Rob,
>> You'd need to start ssl too for HTTPS.
>> Regards,
>> Ferenc
>> 2009/3/17 Rob Charlton <rob.charlton@REDACTED <mailto:
>> rob.charlton@REDACTED>>
>>    I have been using Erlang R11B for some time, but thought it was about
>>    time I moved up to R12B, so I pulled down the latest today and
>>    built it.
>>    Afterwards, I found that I could no longer make HTTPS requests:
>>    rob@REDACTED:~/work/erlang/svn/erlang/lcr$ erl
>>    Erlang (BEAM) emulator version 5.6.5 [source] [async-threads:0] [hipe]
>>    [kernel-poll:false]
>>    Eshell V5.6.5  (abort with ^G)
>>    1> inets:start().
>>    ok
>>    2> http:request("https://www.cia.gov/").
>>    The shell is now unresponsive and I have to do a CTRL C to get it
>>    back.
>>    I noticed that I had to now explicitly start inets (which used to
>>    start
>>    automatically) because an error message appeared when I did an http
>>    request without it started. What I didn't realise was that I also
>>    had to
>>    explicitly start the ssl application. I managed to work this out by
>>    using tracing on the http call. It won't catch me again, but will
>>    probably catch someone else. Would it be possible to make it do
>>    something more friendly than just hang?
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