[erlang-questions] MacOSX 10.5, odbc, MySQL

Justin Pearson Justin.Pearson@REDACTED
Tue Mar 17 10:17:48 CET 2009

I am trying to use odbc to connect to a mysql database on Mac OSX

Here is what I did:
 1) Installed the latest version of mysql community edition and  
 2) mysql odbc drivers. These I installed from the binary packages on 
    mysql webpage.

 3) I compiled erlang from source I ran ./configure --with-odbc 
    before I compiled it.

I've set up mysql added the users that I need. According to Mac OS's
odbc browser I have a service myodbc which I can connect to using open
office so it is alve. 

But when I try to use erlang I get the following:

Eshell V5.6.5  (abort with ^G)
1> odbc:start().
2> odbc:connect("DSN=myodbc;UID=justin;PWD=xxxxxx",[]).

=ERROR REPORT==== 17-Mar-2009::10:09:02 ===
ODBC: received unexpected info: {tcp_closed,#Port<0.528>}

=ERROR REPORT==== 17-Mar-2009::10:09:02 ===
** Generic server <0.37.0> terminating 
** Last message in was {#Port<0.526>,{exit_status,138}}
** When Server state == {state,#Port<0.526>,
** Reason for termination == 
** {port_exit,killed}

I also get the same if I try 

So I suspect that I'm missing something fundamental?


Justin Pearson

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