[erlang-questions] memory leak.

Thu Mar 12 20:33:04 CET 2009

Hi dear Team,

A problem appeared with the memory leak. Function "erlang:memory()" shows  
that "total" parameter  grows constantly and fast, during the day it  
increases from 60 Mb till 510 Mb. "System" parameter also grows  
constantly, not as much fast, reaching 400 Mb.
"process" parameter although does not reach 100 Mb. Top  FreeBSD utility’s  
"size" parameter also increases from 70 Mb till 600 Mb.
System crashes on "mem_error" of the module "zlib.erl" or on the error  
"system_limit" while creating new process  
{erlang,open_port,[{spawn,zlib_drv},[binary]]}. "yaws", "error_logger" and  
some gen_server-s work on the computer. No database except "ets" is used  
during the functioning, but the used memory doesn’t exceed 1 Mb. Server  
receives messages each second.
The memory releases after restarting erlang. Restarting individual  
gen_server-s gives nothing.

What is the reason of appearing memory leak problem?

Best regards,
Roman Shuplov.

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