[erlang-questions] wxErlang release

Steve Davis steven.charles.davis@REDACTED
Mon Mar 9 13:08:28 CET 2009

Hi Mats,

This experiment with gx/gxml is to see how the ideas of the GS
interface can be applied to building GUIs in Erlang without having to
learn the entire and somewhat complex wxErlang API...

...from what I see wxGlade is a GUI designer (they say specifically
it's not a builder) and also it runs on Python. I imagine when "gx/
gxml" settles down a bit it should be possible (and probably easier)
to write a GUI designer that can spit out gui definitions as either
xml or term files from the designer app. The question then I guess is
should "gxml" really be XUL or XRC... for now it's still very early


On Mar 9, 5:08 am, mats cronqvist <ma...@REDACTED> wrote:
> Steve Davis <steven.charles.da...@REDACTED> writes:
> > For those interested...
> > I added a module to allow definition of the UI in XML (a la XUL-ish)
>   how does this relate to wxGlade?
> http://wxglade.sourceforge.net/
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