[erlang-questions] scanning a hrl file, for macros.

fess fess-erlang@REDACTED
Thu Mar 5 23:14:09 CET 2009

I have an hrl file with a bunch of macro's in it that are just a bunch  
of strings.  [ The names of query vars used in urls ]  I'd like to  
generate a javascript file from this which has the same mappings.  I  
could simply write a function that explicitly uses each of the macros  
and outputs the javascript.  [ which is what I'm doing. ] However It  
would be nice just to have the list in one place. So, I tried to  
erl_scan/erl_parse it.

erl_scan returns tokens which includes the defines. I could go on from  
there and manually parse the defines. However, I thought that if I got  
a parsed form it would be easier to pick out the macros.

so I moved on to erl_parse, however, I get errors with  
erl_parse:parse_form and erl_parse:parse_exprs, [ {1,erl_parse,"bad  
attribute"}, and {2,erl_parse,["syntax error before: ",["'-'"]]}   
respectively ], the file when included compiles so I'm guessing it's  
not an actual syntax problem.

My tokens look like this:

  ... ]

So, then I thought, ok,  maybe erl_parse needs this stuff to be pre  
processed?  Next I tried out epp:parse_file/3 on it
but that seemed to me to expect to apply macros,  not necessarily show  
you that they were there.

So, clearly I'm not getting things here.   Any pointers would be  


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