[erlang-questions] memsup gives weird values

Cliff Moon cliff@REDACTED
Thu Mar 5 05:48:19 CET 2009

Has anyone noticed that memsup gives ridiculous numbers on OS X?  I have 
Mac OS X leopard and Erlang R12B-3 installed.  In a straight erl shell 
with nothing loaded I get the following:

5> memsup:get_system_memory_data().


6> memsup:get_memory_data().


Which is clearly wrong.  ps reports:

cliff    48425   0.0  0.2    89936   6428 s001  S+    8:40PM   0:00.18 

So a resident set size of about 6k.  Is this behavior fixed in later 
revisions of Erlang?  Or is this only expected to work on linux?

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