[erlang-questions] Executing concurrently

ryeguy ryeguy1@REDACTED
Tue Mar 3 15:33:54 CET 2009

He is saying that he only wants one process to be able to call his fun
at a time. In the event that 2 processes attempt to execute the fun at
the same time, one of them will fail while the other one works as

On Mar 3, 7:09 am, Andras Georgy Bekes <bek...@REDACTED> wrote:
> >    I have a function Fun(). If Fun is called simultaneously by two
> > processes, then it should fail for one process while should succeed
> > for other. I wrote such function. Now I want to test it! How do I do
> > that? How do I call a function exactly at same time from two
> > different processes?
> It depends on how you define "called simultaneously".
> What do you mean "called simultaneously"?
> What do you want to achieve?
>         Georgy
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