eunit vs. common_test

Jim Morris <>
Sat Jun 13 00:41:50 CEST 2009

I use eunit for very low level tests of functions where needed, but I
found it too verbose and ugly to do higher level server or proc
testing, call it functional or integration tests.

So I use Cucumber and RSpec to do my higher level tests, I use RSpec
to do functional testing of internal servers or procs that can be
accessed via an RPC call, and I use Cucumber for integration tests of
the exposed API of a server.

More info on how I do it here...

I'll be posting a more detailed version for RSpec fairly soon.

Basically I wrap JInterface in a ruby wrapper, and run the whole thing
under JRuby.

On Jun 12, 6:46 am, "David Mercer" <> wrote:
> It seems that most of us use eunit for unit testing instead of common_test.
> I myself use common_test.  What are the advantages eunit has over
> common_test, and should I switch?  Please advise.  Thank-you.
> David Mercer

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